The Littlest Llama by Jane Buxton

The Littlest Llama (2008)
Written by Jane Buxton
Illustrated by Jenny Cooper

The Littlest Llama is a cute picture book about a fun animal. The littlest llama in a herd wants to play, but everybody in his family that he asks is too busy to play with him. Finally the poor upset llama decides to leave since nobody will play with him. He wanders and explores his home range of the Andes Mountains in South America before something frightens him and he runs back home to the safety of his family. upon returning home the littlest llama discovers that he is the littlest llama no more; his Auntie has given birth to a new baby llama that he will be able to play with.

This story was a lot of fun. There are a good number of unusual animals for children to discovers, all native to Andes Mountains in South America. The story is a simple one, but entertaining. And there is a good “family love” type of feel to it. The reader finds out in the end that nobody has time to play with the littlest llama because they are getting ready for a new baby to be born into the herd. Also the littlest llama is happy about the new baby because he will have another little llama to play with now, and there are no hard feelings or jealousy over it.

The Littlest Llama is filled with nice, colorful illustrations depicting realistic animals. My favorite thing about the illustrations is that they successfully show emotions with expressions while keeping the animals looking realistic. The native animals of the area are not mentioned within the story but can be found in the illustrations and children will enjoy learning about what these animals are (from the description at the beginning of the book) and then looking for them as the story is read.

This book will be loved by the early childhood to beginner levels. It makes for a fun read aloud story and it flows nicely and has a nice use of rhyme. The story may be simple, but it is a pleasurable read and children will enjoy looking at the illustrations of all the animals within its pages.

Content- B
Illustrations- B
Readability- A

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