Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann

Pinkalicious (2006)
Written by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann
Illustrated by Victoria Kann

Pinkalicous is a cute story that most little girls will enjoy. I know countless little girls, who like the little girl in the story, love everything that is the color pink. My daughter happens to be one of those pink loving little girls and I bought this book for her as a Christmas gift. The little girl in the story loves pink so much that she wants the cupcakes her mom and her make together to be as pink as possible. But then after eating too many of them she turns pink herself, much to her parent’s dismay and her delight. I had to laugh when I was reading it to my daughter and she immediately agrees with the little girl in the story that it would be wonderful to turn pink. Just as silly as it is that eating too many pink cupcakes made her turn pink, she has to eat green things to be able to turn back to her normal color.

The story is cute and enjoyable to little girls in the beginner and early reader age ranges. Although it is a fun story it definitely will appeal to more girls than boys. It is fun to read aloud and memorable. The one problem I had with the book was the assumption that green things are yucky. It is a personal pet peeve of mine when I read children’s books or shows tell kids not to like the taste of green things or vegetables. In my experience most kids love vegetables until they hear that kids aren’t supposed to like them. With my pet peeve put aside though, it is a funny story and one I am glad is in our collection for my daughter to enjoy.

The illustrations in this book are interesting and colorful. There is a nice use of showing texture and pattern in the background and in certain objects in the book. It is the use of that texture and pattern that made the illustrations, that would have otherwise been only average, be a little better and more interesting. And of course there was a lot of pink in this book for all those pink loving little girls.

Content- C
Illustrations- B
Readability- B

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