About Me

Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Sarah and I’m just a simple person who loves simple things. Some of my greatest passions are animals, nature, education, and of course children’s literature. As a mother and an elementary education major who works in an early childhood center, it goes without saying that I read a ton of children’s books. But even without the fact that I read to children a lot, and love doing so, I honestly enjoy reading children’s books for my own pleasure too. I love how they capture the imagination and can inspire a lifelong love of reading, learning, and imagination.

It may seem strange for an adult to love the world of children’s literature so much, but there are good reasons why I have continued to passionately read these books through the years. The adult world can be a complicated and stressful place. Ever since I was carelessly thrown into that world so many years ago I have sought refuge in the pages of books meant for kids, and I have enjoyed doing so very much!

When I went back to school in order to become a teacher the listing for an English class called Children’s Literature caught my eye. Of course I signed up for it immediately and it quickly became the best class I have ever been in, and has managed to maintained that status. In that class we had to read 50 children’s books (a piece of cake), and then make a page for each with a summary and our review of it. We turned these in for a grade, all neatly put together in a binder. I thought it was actually a great way to keep a record of books that I may (or may not) want to revisit at a later date. But I really didn’t want to keep a great big binder bursting full of reviews. It wasn’t until a year later when I was looking at my husband’s movie blog that the idea came to me that a blog would be the perfect place to start keeping track of and reviewing the children’s books that I read. And that is how this blog was started! I want to use this blog to keep track of the children’s books that I read, express and share my opinion on these books, and maybe even a few other projects having to do with children’s literature. I hope you enjoy my blog, and remember to try and never grow up too much!

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