Age Ratings & Grades

This may see, very self-explanatory, but I wanted to take some time to explain a little bit about how I personally I grade the books that I review.


I will be giving all the books that I review a grade. The grade will be based on three criteria, content, illustrations (if applicable), and readability. The book’s final grade is basically it’s GPA, or an average based on what grade I gave it in the three categories. For content I will grade the book’s plot, theme, characters, and the way that the author delivered their message. Illustrations are obviously graded on how appealing I find the pictures in the book. There is no set “best type of illustration” to me. I enjoy both color and black and white, as well as realistic and abstract pictures. Basically I will rate the illustrations just on how appealing they are to my eye as well as how they fit into or help move the story. Readability will be graded by the author’s use of words and how well the story keeps the reader’s attention. Is the story too easy or too complicated? Is it boring and slow or fast-paced and exciting? Is the vocabulary too simple or repetitive when it shouldn’t be? Or is the vocabulary far too advanced or below the level of the reader that the plot or theme seems to be meant for? These are some of the questions I will be thinking about as I grade the readability of a book. Books will be graded as follows:

  • A – This is the best of the best! Books with this grade are not only ones that I recommend, but I seriously think that they are must haves in any book collection and are worth revisiting time and time again.
  • B – These books are really good, maybe even great. I highly recommend reading them and really believe they will be enjoyed. There may just be one or two little things that keep them from being the best of the best.
  • C – These books are good, but there may be a few things I disliked in the plotline, characters, wording, or pictures. Basically the books are good, but only average, with nothing amazing enough to make them a “must read”, though I would still recommend them to people.
  • D – These books honestly aren’t very good. They may not be terrible, but they have enough problems that I wouldn’t bother with them again. I wouldn’t recommend them, but I really don’t hate them, just have issues with enough parts that I didn’t really enjoy reading them.
  • F – These books are complete and utter failures. I not only wont recommend them, I would recommend not wasting your time with them. Hopefully I wont have many, if any at all, that I think completely fail, but the grade is here just in case.

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